Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Mbah Maridjan dies in a state of prostration in his room? Batik dress the corpse in the room Mbah Marijan house allegedly is one of the victims died of Mount Merapi erupts October 26, 2010, means the news that states Mbah Maridjan Congratulations irrefutable by any alleged Dies Mbah Marijan.

Not far from his home in the hamlet of Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, caretaker of Mount Merapi, Mbah Maridjan, reportedly has been found safe.

But the condition is weak due to exposure to heat clouds glide or known citizen wedhus trash. While a dozen other people died with burns all over his body in the house Mbah Maridjan and around the home page.

But Mbah Marijan Agus Wiyarto aide who still relatives membahtah news. In RadioElshinta Twitter account that posted much at 2:20 pm, Wednesday (10/27/2010) is written, "Agus Wiyarto krabat Mbah Marijan: Not really Mbah Marijan information found on the slopes of Merapi, with the condition of weak, Salvation by volunteer military."

Earlier, in a number of mass media reported Mbah Marijan was found safe with weak conditions. Yogyakarta Navy Base Commander Col. Aloysius Sea Pramod said the caretaker of Mount Merapi were found in safe condition by a member of SAR team.

To Legal, Director Wallets Dhuafa Yogyakarta M Fauzi, who got inforamasi of evacuation team, preaching the gatekeeper of Merapi is safe. But the condition is weak due to exposure to heat clouds. "Found limp, but I myself have not met in person," he said.

Regarding the victim, carrying 15 people were killed. Consisting of 13 residents and two people who have been identified dr.Tutur, military and journalist VIVAnews Yuniawan. "On average, victims of burns,"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Latest news, which is the oracle at world cup events this year 2010, because of its ability to predict the winner in every game during the World Cup in 2010, this news has spread and become the talk of the twitter, octopus paul died after guessing germany vs spain where he choose spayol will come out as winners. Many people commented on paul's death, said one commentator that the video is the video a hoax, and many people look for news about the death of paul, and paul penyebabkan death, and possibly also video information about the death of octopus paul, and photographs of his death

Paul is known for his predictions for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is telling. However, not many people know who Paul really is. Here are ten facts about the octopus that was two years old as reported by the Telegraph.

1. British-born male octopus
Although now living in the Aquarium Sea Life Centre, Oberhausen, Germany, Paul was born in Weymouth, England and moved from the Weymouth Sea Life Park (to Germany) in 2006.

A staff at Weymouth Sea Life Park, Fiona Smith, who never take care of Paul saying, "He never made any predictions when it is still here. However, maybe he was waiting for a big tournament like the World Cup to show that ability. "

2. Hunted man
An Argentine chef, Nicolas Bedorrou, so angry when Paul correctly predicted that his country teams will be defeated Germany in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He even threatened to hunt down Paul to be cooked.

"We will chase and place them on paper. We will then beat her to make the meat tender and then put it in boiling water, "said Bedorrou.

3. The big news
Prediction Paul has invited the attention of many people because a German television station, NTV began diligently to directly broadcast the match Paul's predictions, with two reporters standing on the tank so they can make the viewers know how Paul make predictions.

4. The biggest celebrity in Oberhausen
Paul is the most popular in Oberhausen.

5. Forecast accuracy is almost perfect
Paul began to predict the outcome of the game since Euro 2008 Switzerland-Austria and Germany he predict six games, with four of them correctly. He said Germany would win all the matches. In fact, Germany lost to Croatia.

2010 World Cup in South Africa, so far, all predictions about the German Paul correctly, including the question they will lose to Spain in the semifinals.

6. It could make you rich
With forecasts like that, you can rely on his predictions before the bet.

7. Smart Animals
Octopuses are intelligent animals and proved to have strong memories. "Common octopus like Paul is very smart. We equate them with intelligence and they love dogs and like to solve problems, "said Fiona Smith.

8. Celebrities on Facebook and Twitter
Paul became one of the most lively topic of conversation at social networking sites. The phrase "Paul the Octopus" and "Pulpo" (Spanish for octopus) Twitter world's top ten.

9. Without engineering
Paul predict the outcome of the game by opening one of two food containers in the tank. Sea Life Centre Oberhausen Staff, Tanja Munzig, denied allegations that there was something placed in one container. "There is no trick. Same food and everything in the two containers were the same, except the flag, "said Munzig.

10. Do not fear death threats
According to the supervisor, Oliver Walencak, Paul was not afraid of being threatened supporters who blame him for exclusion of Argentine Lionel Messi et al of the 2010 World Cup since losing 0-4 from Germany.

Monday, October 18, 2010



After processing a few months, ultimately the fate of vocalist Peter, Nazril Irham aka Ariel, gain clarity. Not only Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari who is also a suspect in the case of a video nasty was also joined to get clarity. The three were released from bondage UU ITE.
Freedom of the three of them from the bondage of Law Number 11 Year 2008 on Information and Electronic Transaction was disclosed by Marwoto Soeto.

"Police investigators revoke the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) who used dijeratkan to Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari," said the Head of Public Information (Head of the passenger), Police, Senior Commissioner Pol Marwoto Soeto in Jakarta on Monday (18 / 10).

Repeal of the Act ITE entrapment in the case of hot videos, because they are not as uploader and spreaders.

"Ariel's case file has been three times back and forth from investigators to prosecutors, the return is due to the prosecutor's case files are still disputes about the confrontation between Cut Dance and Ariel," said Marwoto.

Attorney still questioned about the locus delicti (the scene) and Tempus delicti (event time) video capture these events.

Ariel with Cut Tari and Luna Maya becomes suspect Ariel's hot video with 10 people and penyebarnya uploader.

The artist who became the suspect was subject to Article 55 of the draft Penal Code (Penal Code), namely the participation in pornographic acts and article 282 of the Criminal Code concerning immoral.

Police previously set and had detained a suspect Ariel vocalist was at Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Detention Center since Tuesday (22 / 6).

Marwoto said limits the maximum detention period by the investigators is 120 days, a period of five days' detention Ariel completed on October 23, 2010.

Police had previously conducted a physical examination to ensure the identification of actors in the video is immoral.

Physical identification using forensic anatomy, which is one way to uncover cases through scientific investigation of crime.

Investigators reviewing the third anatomical structure the artist that is Ariel, Luna and Cut Dance and compared with body characteristics listed in the video recording is immoral.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



The news had just come from new entrants dangdut singer named Aida Zaskia. Dangdut singer are popular with the song 'Rooster' was admitted as an ex-boyfriend Da'i One Million People Zainuddin MZ. Aida even claimed to have spoken. What's the story?

Aida tells the story of her love with polopor Reform Star Party told reporters in Restaurants Hayam Wuruk, Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (10/07/2010).

Aida met with Zainuddin about 9 years ago. At that time she was a girl of 16 who sit in high school in Bogor.

"At that time I was invited as a single organ. When I sing, there emerged the figure Zainuddin MZ. After the singing, I was offered a meal, I happened to one table together Zainuddin MZ," said the woman who is now 25-year-old.

Chat also continues, Zainuddin was beginning to wonder about the activities of Aida. Until finally asked Aida phone number on the grounds one day be invited to sing.

"One week later I received a call from him, he said of Mr. Haj, Haji Zainuddin MZ. He was going relationship. Because I was not allowed to close with a man, my daddy told me when he wants relationship," said Aida.

Finally, a complete man named Zainuddin Muhammad Zein it came to the house of Aida with the entourage. It was Zainuddin came after preaching at a place.

Aida does not deny that he was impressed with the figure of a man named Zainuddin Muhammad Zein was complete.

"Since then, he comes every Monday and Thursday," said Aida who do not deny that he was impressed the 50-year-old man.

The story continues, several times in coming to Aida, Zainuddin finally ventured to propose. He invites married in Mecca.

"He told me how similar I do not want to get married in Mecca? Let not smell (caught) if here. Papa mama I'm not allowed because I'm still in school. I do not want to ruin people's households. Every she came I would hide, if papa mama I'm not there he ran into the house my grandfather the late, "the story of Aida.

After that, Aida's father had kept in touch with 4 children, but by circumstances and forced to hide from her parents. During close contact, Zainuddin did not hesitate to hold the hand of Aida during a walk. It's just that their relationship foundered 4 years ago.

Monday, October 4, 2010



Shocking news came from Justin Bieber. The singer who is now loved by teenagers, recently rumored that he was a 51-year-old phedofilia man posing as a boy of 16 years.

Baby singer who was named Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010, was arrested by the police after the results of these investigations proved.

Men whose real name Michael Cote, who had been masquerading as Justin Bieber. The boy who had been teen idol in the world was doing a hoax by wearing a rubber mask and wig.

Bieber's arrest of identity is finally revealed, after which he was wearing a rubber mask off in the middle of his concert.

In fact, an analysis of the FBI discovered that the lyrics of the songs Bieber also contains the words that aim to manipulate the minds of girls under 16 years old.

According to the Onion, the old man's real name is Michael Cote. He did incognito as Justin Bieber for many years using a wig and rubber mask.

In the video, Cote was arrested by some police who came to his house. Even Andrew Matheson had also served as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department held a news conference on the arrest of an old man who has done a pedophile crimes in 50 states.

Meanwhile in the next show, featuring Dr Onion. Hanna Carrier as criminal psychological say that these songs are sung by Justin Bieber was deliberately marketed to entice teenage girls.

Not only that, Justin's mother who is known today - is disclosed Onion - is a former friend of Cote. The woman was a heroin addict who lives in Canada.

All things about Justin Bieber Onion disclosed above suspicions against one of the articles TMZ where Justin's face looks peeling off on stage. From there emerged some victims of the investigation of such a phenomenal star.