Wednesday, June 24, 2009


foto ciuman pasha & alyssa

a video recording revealed that the relationship Pasha 'Ungu' with Alyssa Soebandono outstanding.

In the video be about 2.5 minutes, the intimate scenes look Pasha kissed Alyssa's mouth while they're eating in a Japan restaurant at the Jakarta-center two weeks ago.

In fact, the gossip that they have a special relationship has been outstanding since two months ago. However, both confute that their proximity only for the purpose of work.

"Alyssa and I have no special relationship. We just frtiend, for the sake of a video clip, "Pasha said at that time.
Alyssa also confute herself together with the three childless widower. "Pasha and me are free. For only the clip, "Alyssa strictly steady.

Seemingly want to prove that their relationship just a job, later shown a video clip 'Ungu' where Alyssa Soebandono become one of the models.



MANOHARA mengaku diberi pil

Case enmity Manohara Odelia Pinot (17) with her husband, Fakhry Petra Tengku Muhamad, heat up again. In an interview in one of the national television station, newspaper Fakhry impugn his wife have been traumatic.

According to Fakhry, Manohara just so happy. This can be evidenced from the results recorded at Manohara a vacation in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). In those impressions, Manohara appear happy on holiday with son Raja Kelantan, Malaysia is. Even in a moment, is being seen Mano jump to the sea.

Manohara confess always be given the Pill when want to make a sexual relationship.

This is done when Fakhry invites Manohara holiday to Lombok island on April 2008 ago. "Every invited related, is always given manohara pill," said the lawyer of Manohara, Hotman Paris at a press meet in his office, Summitmas Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/6/2009).

Manohara confess that in fact afraid of the height and swimming, but after drinking the pills manohara feel fly.Manohara also confess that while on the island, he is jump and swim by Fakhry.Dan Strangely, after drinking the pill, mano no longer afraid of the altitude and water.

But she was astonished that, after the pill was given Fakhry, the same as when trying intimate touch, feel Mano confess fly. "While on the island, jump and Mano are swimming," he said.

While on the island, the kingdom of Kelantan also install hidden camera to himself can not act different. "Wherever Manohara are, on the island, in the kingdom or in public places, should be visible Mano ostensibly happy" he said.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


MANOHARA pakai pengacara Malaysia

Manohara Odelia Pinot family agree appointed lawyer origin Malaysia.This step is taken to indicate if they were serious process Tengku Fakhry, Manohara husband via the law.

"Today is the official solicitor agree appointed the lawyer from Malaysia," said Hotman Paris Hutapea, In Grand Hyatt Hotel,MH Thamrin street, Central Jakarta.

According to Hotman, the appointment of counsel for the origin Malaysia beckon if the Manohara seriously with the son of the king Kelantan to authorities in the country's neighbor.

"This shows we take serious legal action," said that lawyer..

Allegations of mistreatment made by Fakhry, says Hotman, will sued in criminal, civil and divorce claim. Many of the results as proof of visa and images of violence will be taken as evidence.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan, the lawyer of Manohara from Malaysia give the information, accompanying himself brave Manohara because of the truth.

The legal process in Malaysia, Mazlan said, very independent. Although there are special courts for the kings and sultans, but no one is immune law. Who is guilty should be responsible.

"Anyone who does not have immune law," he said.


struk|nota belanja Manohara

Picture above is evidence Manohara shop when a handbag and glasses Gucci brand with a total outlay of SGD1.430. On the shopping note there is also a signature of her husband, Tengku Fakhry.

A little surprising is the date on the shopping bill. Listed there, Manohara shopping on May 29 2009. This is the day before Manohara vague attempt to Jakarta.

Follow the story of Manohara make us confuse and curious.We can only wait the next Manohara's story.



video klip Manohara

Manohara now truly has changed so real artist.After yesterday-busy yesterday in location syuting sinetron entitled to their own name, now to be Manohara ask to be a video clip model a new band.

As seen Sunday (21 / 0) model of the boom through violence cases prince of Kelantan to be busy this model clip "Misteri Cinta Dangduters property, in the way Joe, Regions Lenteng Court.

Before involved in this video clip, it is reported had occurred manager struggle between the clips.Manohara was offered originally by Nine Band, been a vocalist by ST 12, Charlie Van Houten.

But may be unsuitable because it's budget, Charlie frustrated the young age of the model.
Manohara is reported to receive this bid, because the producer give price banderole until above 300 millions, by the new album be succesfull. Really so?

"I do not speak a matter of face value of its contract.That I could be happy clip model, this group, "Manohara said.

Monday, June 22, 2009



The development of cases Domestic Violence (domestic violence) experienced Manohara Odelia Pinot increasingly difficult.Latest news, mentioning that there are appropriate laws, Manohara should be deported to Malaysia.'Kasus Manohara deportasi' surprised The Indonesian people.

But deportation is denied a claim unripe one power law Manohara, Hotman Paris Hutapea. "There is some loser who says that a WNI marry with foreigners, the nationality status will be lost. That's moronic statement. While millions of women who are already marrying with WNA, "Hotman demolished in Mabes Police, yesterday afternoon.

When asked who he statement purposes, Hotman reluctant to answer them. "I do not want a joker. But there is a statement and that statement is moronic, "more specifically.

"When she (Manohara) deported, then the mothers will also be deported. She is not different with the mother, she is part of Mother Earth.And the mother of the person who will be deported accuse first, "said the lawyer.

Previously, the Executive Director GACD Andar Situmorang, who was in Kuala Lumpur, said that the deportation should be carried out according to the Law No.12 year 2003 on Citizenship.

Appropriate provisions of Article 23 and 26 about the loss of citizenship, according to Situmorang, Manohara not WNI become official after his wife Petra Tengku Muhammad Fakhri with earl Yam Cik Puan Temenggong Kelantan.

In addition, they also ask to perform checks against Manohara's mother, was davina with suspected exploit children under the age.


video|foto MANOHARA sinetron

According the news,Sinetron Manohara will run for 25 episodes and tells a story about life and marriage manohara Kelantan prince.Now,Video and Foto Manohara sinetron can found easy everywhere.

Manohara Odelia Pinot contracted 2.5 Billion criticism was so crowded news celebrities. The contract was obtained manohara before the official himself in the world of entertainment with the labels artist.

Sinemart offer akting contract worth 2.5 billion for 25 episodes in Manohara. And, although certainly not get a response from the Mano and Daisy (how effective the campaign, Riddles) but in Manohara Ad Sinetron RCTI can provide many exciting answers.

Daisy Fajarina justify the contract akting Sinetron Manohara although not yet experienced in the role of art.

Story of marriage, domestic violence to the vague Manohara Odelia Pinot family's control of Kelantan Sultanate, Malaysia, the withdrawal presenting drama sinetron shown in the display glass.

Salah satu Video Manohara Sinetron

Therefore the only reasonable, even though the new day arrived in Indonesia, Manohara direct bid in order to get a lot of her story made sinetron or film, and even he himself requested to be the stars.However, the family has not been responding to serious bid it.

In a press meet in Jakarta yesterday, Manohara also treat attitude Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia, Da'i Bachtiar, who does not give attention to him. "It should be replaced Dubes RI di Malaysia," she said.
He does not claim to get any assistance, even for him seemed to have created the Embassy telling fairytales about himself. "He said Manohara fun in Kuala Lumpur, but not so," augment him.

Manohara also told when he had a call to the Embassy but did not."I say this emergency phone, emergency.But officials there say `can not` because they were off, "said Manohara

Besides because the real story of manohara's life,manohara became an artist also because she has beautiful face and a healthy good body.According the news,manohara always do sports and fitness in the fitness center.Manohara also consume nutritious food,such fruits and vegetables.Beside that,she often does health consultation in the hospital.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Foto surat Daisy Fajarina BURONAN

Daisy Fajarina, Manohara Odelia Pinot's mother never be a fugitive French government (buronan Perancis)related to the alleged mistreatment parlormaid household.'Foto surat Daisy Fajarina'was outspread in internet and surprised the Indonesian People.However, at that time, Daisy even challenging to show evidence. Wednesday (17 / 6), a blog that claimed to belong to one of the people of Kelantan, '', showing evidence that indicates that this Manohara's mother guilty convicted and sentenced 18 months.
According decree which has been translated in this language, referred to the provision of power to all officials and to all the state officers to search for Daisy, and bring them to home detention area according to French laws that valid.While, there has been no official statement by Daisy issued in connection with the emergence of the evidence is circulating on the Internet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


foto berita kasus penganiayaan of CICI PARAMIDA
The Indonesian people surprised by the news(berita kasus penganiayaan of Cici Paramida).The dangdut singer, Cici Paramida persecuted her husband Suhaebi, after found Suhaebi with another woman in the summit area. Following chronological The accident.

Saturday June 13, Suhaebi that went to town to Cici Paramida, working on business. However, as a wife, Cici have another feeling.

He departs with his family to the area of Puncak, West Java. Correct course, Cici found her husband with another woman in the car in the area Cibogo, Bogor, West Java, Sunday June 14 at 19:50 WIB.

Cici is directly down from the car and ransack her car.Ebi, Suhaebi also call out and bicker with Cici Paramida. Not apologize, Ebi even hit the right cheek to Cici hematoma and encouraged to asphalt to the forehead and hands hurt.

Not accept treated roughly, at 21.00 pm, Cici Paramida reported her husband,Suhaebi that married in March 12 ,2009 in Mecca to the police station Bogor. Then at 22.00 Cici a vise in the hospital and provide information to the police office at 16.00 WIB.

Furthermore, after review Cici Suhaebi undergo any examination of the morning at 04.00 WIB. Until this news was revealed, Ebi still undergoing review.

The News of persecution Cici Paramida remind our memories about Manohara.Manohara also tormented by her husband,Fachri.This is the story..

Manohara Odelia Pinot show through the injury as a result of a number of photos, stored on the phone to the journalist in Hotman Paris office in the building Summitmas 1, floor 18, Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (8 / 6) night. 'Foto luka sayatan manohara' was outspread in internet.

"This is a new wound that Mano feel lighter because the rest is open to all and Mano are not comfortable with that," said maohara, on the injured-shaped slice of sharp zig-zag around the chest.

Mano respond to speech, the power law Hotman Paris menandaskan away, "is very chilling. That is just the most light. I just spent almost see the tears so the wound," he said.

Meanwhile, the forensic expert doctor Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta, Abdul Mun'im Idries explain her visum results showed that Manohara has two degree-level violence, a violence that is left with serious injuries secondary level.

Monday, June 15, 2009


foto hot ciuman MANDALA and VANESSA ANGEL

Hot Photo Vanessa Angel Mandala and knowledgeable outstanding celebrities in the news. 'Foto ciuman Mandala and Vanessa Angel' was outspread in internet forum.after the previous photo circulating,poppy bunga and edwin abeng, this time turn mandala and girlfriend's Andhika spread. In both images appear to fuse each other at the mouth of both cheeks, it is alleged that strengthen the photos are starting to prove the relationship both of them involved.
In the photo is visible Mandala Shoji Vanessa Angel and kissed each other on both cheeks, from this photo reinforce allegations that mandala - vanessa has a special relationship, the closeness of the two disputed the love affair, and only just a friend.

Meanwhile, Mandala had confessed her love Vanessa rated it would be developed. "He would like to receive if taught a positive thing," Mandala said. In fact, Mandala also been made with the way new artists.

However, both Vanessa and Mandala oppugn said a special relationship. "Mandala only friend," said Vanessa. Mandala also rejected if it is considered a destructive relationship and Vanessa Dwi Andhika.Padahal Mandala had been admitted also send short messages to the phone seluler by Vanessa Vanessa health condition of the sick.

Bad news of Dwi Andhika and Vanessa Angel outstanding. Gossip circulating, Vanessa has affair with reality show presenter, Mandala Shoji. And the extent to confess this Andhika not clear the problem. Vanessa is so difficult to be contacted.

As a boyfriend, of course Andhika Vanessa believed more than a newspaper circulating. Because basically he believes to Vanessa, he remains the focus happens to Vanessa, and Andhika was not directly men-judge or Vanessa force to open the story was.

According Andhika, vanessa and he did not have a problem. Only the latter,communication is rarely done because Andhika has a personal problem.

Communication is important in constructing a relationship. Though the relationship remains smooth, of course necessary communication smoothly also. That should be done by a pair Dwi Andhika and Vanessa Angel. Because of communication that has been rare, they say the relationship is rather distant. according to the news, vanessa has affair with Mandala Shoji and Andhika can not confirm that to the girlfriend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Foto Mitha Dara The Virgin

foto mitha dara THE VIRGIN
foto dara THE VIRGIN

In various internet forum,'foto mitha dara The Virgin' was outspread.Mitha Dara's foto consist of individual pose and together pose.This is biodata and profile Mitha Dara The Virgin.Dara The Virgin was born in Tasikmalaya August 9 ,1991. previously known as Dara Mamamia. now, better known as The Virgin and Dara are increased leaf with The Virgin Band under the auspices of Republik Cinta Management by Ahmad Dhani.Mitha that many initially join the few Indie bands, starting in the known world music drawn by Indonesia since Ahmad Dhani The Rock formation in Indonesia.
Mitha and Dara the virgin have the same hobby are swimming, singing, and running the morning.Mitha Dara also loves the movies and reading novels in India.Dara has the sexy and beautiful body.that's because Dara often do sports.she always keeps healthy.she eats fruits,such as orange(vitamine C),and vegetables that contain high nutritions, protein,and various vitamins.according the news,dara also often healthy check up in specialist doctor in a medical hospital.Dara & Mitha the virgin was hold concert in Singapore.So,both of them always looks healthy and fit.